Formlabs’ New Pro 3D Printers Claim 2–5x Speed By Ditching Lasers For An LCD Screen

Discover Formlabs’ Pro 3D Printers, now quicker than ever! They replaced lasers with LCD panels, offering 2-5x faster performance.

Formlabs’ New Pro 3D Printers Claim 2–5x Speed By Ditching Lasers For An LCD Screen
Formlabs’ New Pro 3D Printers Claim 2–5x Speed By Ditching Lasers For An LCD Screen

Formlabs’ new Pro 3D printers redefine speed and precision!

In 3D printing, innovation is constantly active. Formlabs, a trailblazer in the industry, has once again expanded the limits with its most recent launch. Their latest Pro 3D printers are a revolutionary innovation that has the potential to significantly increase printing speeds, thereby promising to transform the industry. Bid farewell to lasers and welcome LCD panels!

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The emergence of LCD technology in 3D printing

Historically, the process of 3D printing has predominantly utilized laser technology to transform layers of resin into complex and detailed forms. Formlabs is revolutionizing the industry by including LCD screens in its Pro series. This technological revolution guarantees not only accelerated printing but also improved accuracy and dependability.

Enhanced Velocity:

Formlabs asserts that by replacing lasers with LCD panels, they achieve a remarkable 2–5 times acceleration in printing speed. Envision the potential implications for businesses that heavily depend on swift prototyping and manufacturing.

 Accuracy Designing:

The field of building that focuses on the planning and generation of high-quality and accurate components and systems, utilizing advanced methods and technologies. Formlabs guarantees consumers that, despite the improvements in speed, there is no compromise in precision. The new Pro printers uphold the brand’s renowned level of precision and meticulousness, guaranteeing that every print adheres to rigorous requirements.


Organizations have the potential to significantly reduce manufacturing expenses by improving printing speed. Formlabs’ dedication to affordability guarantees that these developments are within reach for a diverse spectrum of consumers, including small startups and large organizations.

Industry impact and excitement

 The introduction of Formlabs’ Professional 3D printers has created excitement in different industries, including aerospace, healthcare, and others. Experts are eagerly anticipating the potential that increased printing speeds could open for their projects.

Advancements in Aerospace: 

The aerospace sector, which places great importance on accuracy and productivity, might enhance creating prototypes and producing intricate parts by implementing Formlabs’ Pro printers. This has the potential to result in accelerated development cycles and, ultimately, foster the creation of more groundbreaking aircraft designs.

 Advancements in Medicine:

Healthcare practitioners are also exploring the potential of these new printers. The capacity to quickly iterate on designs has the potential to transform patient care by reducing wait times for crucial medical devices, ranging from custom prostheses to surgical guidance.

Academic prospects:

 Access to state-of-the-art technology can greatly help students and researchers in educational environments. Formlabs’ Pro printers, with their enhanced speed and accuracy, have the potential to enhance hands-on learning and expedite innovation at academic institutions globally.

Formlabs’ Commitment to Innovation

 At Formlabs, innovation is not merely a trendy term but a fundamental guiding philosophy. Every subsequent iteration aims to push the boundaries of 3D printing technology. The incorporation of LCD panels in their Pro series signifies a noteworthy achievement in this progression, establishing a fresh benchmark for swiftness, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness.

Ongoing Enhancement:

Besides the Pro printers, Formlabs maintains a strong commitment to continuous research and development. They proactively solicit feedback from users and engage in collaboration with industry partners to pinpoint areas for enhancement and innovation.

Community Engagement:

Formlabs’ success is predicated on the bedrock of community support. The organization develops an energetic and thriving community of clients, engineers, and devotees, advancing collaboration and the exchange of knowledge to propel the progression of 3D printing technology.

Ecological Accountability:

Formlabs, as industry pioneers, acknowledges their duty to minimize their environmental footprint. Dedicated to sustainability, they have implemented measures to minimize waste, optimize energy use, and investigate environmentally friendly printing materials.

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Conclusion: The emergence of a revolutionary period in 3D printing

Formlabs have showcased their market leadership once more with the introduction of their Pro 3D printers using LCD technology. The prospect of enhanced printing velocities, along with unwavering accuracy, signals the dawn of a new epoch in the realm of 3D printing advancement.

As corporations, educators, and producers adopt these developments, we can anticipate a surge of revolutionary applications in diverse areas. The range of possibilities extends from rapid prototyping to bespoke manufacturing, with no limitations.

Formlabs’ dedication to pushing the limits of technology guarantees that the future of 3D printing is more promising than ever. Enter a revolutionary era characterized by unparalleled velocity, meticulous accuracy, and boundless potential. With Formlabs, you can experience cutting-edge printing technology.

This article examines the most recent product from Formlabs, the Pro 3D printers, which offer a significant increase in speed (2–5 times faster) by utilizing LCD technology. Explore the ramifications for several industries, ranging from aerospace to healthcare, and the possibility of revolutionary innovation. 

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