Why Printer Security Should Be Top of Mind for Your Business

Protect your company with high-quality printer security solutions. Learn why printer security should be a top priority and secure your critical data.

Why Printer Security Should Be Top of Mind for Your Business
Why Printer Security Should Be Top of Mind for Your Business

Is your business giving printer security the attention it deserves? In an era where digital attacks are increasingly sophisticated, safeguarding your business’s digital assets has never been more critical. While measures like firewall protection and cyber insurance are often prioritized, one aspect of digital security that is frequently overlooked is printer security.

Risks and Vulnerabilities of Unsecured Printers

To fully understand the importance of printer security, it’s essential to be aware of the risks and vulnerabilities associated with unsecured printers. By understanding these risks, businesses can take proactive steps to mitigate potential threats and protect their print environment.

1) Default Settings:

Many printers come with default settings that are not secure. These settings often include default login credentials, open ports, and unnecessary services enabled, making it easier for hackers to gain unauthorized access to the printer and your network. It’s crucial to change default settings and configure printers to align with your specific security requirements.

2) Unencrypted Communication:

Printers often communicate with other devices on the network, such as computers or mobile devices, to receive print jobs. If these communications are not encrypted, they can be intercepted by attackers, exposing sensitive information. Encrypting communication channels ensures that data remains secure during transmission.

3) Outdated Firmware and Software:

Like any other piece of technology, printers require regular firmware and software updates to fix security vulnerabilities. Failing to update printer firmware and software leaves them susceptible to known exploits that hackers can easily leverage to gain control over the printer or infiltrate your network.

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Addressing Vulnerabilities in the Print Environment

Printers, often considered mere peripherals, are in fact full-fledged endpoints on a company’s network, susceptible to the same security vulnerabilities as any other digital asset. It’s time for businesses to assess and fortify their print security strategy against evolving threats.

Illustrating the Threat

Recent cyber incidents have brought attention to the significant threat posed by unsecured printers. According to a recent report by cybersecurity firm Cybernews, nearly 28,000 unsecured printers worldwide were hijacked, demonstrating the ease with which cybercriminals can exploit vulnerabilities in printers. 

Furthermore, research from Quocirca found that 61% of surveyed companies experienced print-related breaches in the past year. These breaches highlight the severity of the issue and emphasize the critical need for businesses to prioritize printer security measures. The findings underscore the importance of implementing robust security protocols to protect printers and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Insights from a Printer Security Study

A recent study by Quocirca revealed that 61% of surveyed companies experienced print-related breaches in the past year. This highlights the pressing need for businesses to address printer security vulnerabilities. The study underscores growing concerns about cybersecurity risks associated with networked printers, as cybercriminals increasingly target these endpoints. It emphasizes the interconnected nature of digital security within organizations and the impact of print infrastructure security on overall cybersecurity posture. 

Addressing these vulnerabilities and implementing robust security measures is crucial to mitigate print-related breaches and safeguard sensitive information in today’s evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Common Printer Security Threats and How to Protect Your Company

To effectively protect your business from printer security threats, it’s essential to understand the common attack vectors and the preventive measures that can be taken. An online assessment offered by Aberdeen provides insights into your organization’s cybersecurity strategies compared to others. It also offers tailored insights into printer security, helping you identify vulnerabilities and strengthen your defense against potential cyber threats in 2024.

By proactively addressing these threats, you can minimize the risk of security incidents and maintain the confidentiality and integrity of your print environment.

1) Unauthorized Access:

To prevent unauthorized access to your printers, change default login credentials, disable unnecessary services, and limit access privileges to authorized individuals only. Regularly review and update user accounts and access rights to ensure that only the necessary personnel can manage and use the printers.

2) Malware Injection:

Protect your printers from malware injection by keeping firmware and software up to date. Regularly check for updates from the printer manufacturer and apply patches promptly. Additionally, consider implementing endpoint protection solutions that can detect and prevent malware from being executed on the printer.

3) Data Leakage:

Implement secure print release solutions to prevent sensitive documents from being left unattended on the printer. By requiring user authentication at the printer before a print job is released, you can ensure that only authorized individuals have access to confidential information.

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Don’t Let Printers Serve as Gateways for Attacks

With cyber threats evolving constantly, it’s crucial not to overlook printer security. Take the assessment provided by Aberdeen to gauge your company’s security posture and identify areas for improvement. By prioritizing printer security and implementing best practices, you can mitigate the risks associated with unsecured printers and safeguard your business’s sensitive information.


Printer security is often overlooked but remains a critical aspect of overall cybersecurity. Failing to secure your printers can expose your business to significant risks, including data breaches, unauthorized access, and malware injection. 

By implementing robust security measures, following best practices, and investing in secure printing solutions, you can safeguard your print environment and protect sensitive information. Make printer security a top priority for your business and stay vigilant against evolving threats in the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape.

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