How Long Does Sublimation Ink Last

Want to know how long does sublimation ink last? Everything that you need to know is included in this article.

How Long Does Sublimation Ink Last
How Long Does Sublimation Ink Last

Sublimation printing can be a great way to make one-of-a-kind and personalized items, like shirts and mugs with pictures or logos printed on them.

If you use or are planning on using sublimation ink for printing, you probably want to know how long it lasts, both in the cartridges and on the goods. If you want to know “how long does sublimation ink last?” the short answer is that unopened sublimation ink can be kept properly for 24 to 36 months, but once it’s in your printer, it will only work for about 6 months. 

As for how long your prints last, it depends on the medium. For polyester fabrics, they usually last between 3 and 5 years, but they could last forever on things like ceramic mugs.

Read on to learn about the main things that affect how long sublimation ink lasts on mugs and clothes, which will help you make sure that your prints last as long as possible.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sublimation ink offers lasting prints on shirts, mugs, and paper, resisting fading and maintaining vibrancy over time, making it a reliable choice for personalized items.
  • Sublimation ink works best on polyester fabrics but can also be used on other materials like cotton, ceramics, and synthetic fibers, offering versatility in printing options.
  • Proper care, including gentle washing and avoiding harsh chemicals, helps preserve sublimation prints on clothes and mugs, ensuring they remain vibrant and durable.
  • Storing sublimation prints in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight helps prevent ink degradation, ensuring long-lasting quality for printed items.
  • The longevity of sublimation ink depends on factors like usage frequency, printer model, and print size, with proper maintenance and ink restoration necessary for optimal performance.

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How Long Does Sublimation Ink Last On Shirts?

How Long Does Sublimation Ink Last On Shirts

When put on clothes, especially shirts, sublimation ink is known for being strong and lasting long. Because the inks are made to last through many washes and wears, they are perfect for making custom patterns and artwork on clothes that will last for a long time.

Sublimation ink will stay on a shirt forever as long as it is properly cared for, such as by keeping it away from harsh chemicals and cleaners.

What the sublimation ink is written on has a lot to do with how long it lasts. Although polyester fabrics work best, sublimation ink can be used on many other materials if they contain at least 50–60% polyester. These include cotton, plastic, glass, leather, and synthetic fibers.

If you put transfer ink on these fabrics, they can be washed up to fifty times without fading or cracking.

However, if you want your clothes prints to last even longer, use 100% polyester fabrics and good sublimation ink. Your prints will last much longer than on other materials. 

Apart from being different from other printing methods, sublimation ink is also very flexible. It can print bright colors on many different fabrics and doesn’t break as traditional screen printing does over time due to normal wear and tear.

Taking good care of your custom-designed shirts will help them look just as bright years from now as they did when they were first made.

Also, because sublimation ink only sticks to polyester fabrics, you don’t have to worry about any chemical reactions that might damage or fade the fabric over time, which can happen with other printing methods like heat transfers or iron-on tags.

When used properly on clothes like t-shirts and hoodies, sublimation ink offers better quality and longer durability. If you follow the washing directions and choose the right fabric, your custom designs will last for years before they need to be replaced.

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How Long Does Sublimation Ink Last On Mug?

How Long Does Sublimation Ink Last On Mug

When used to print on mugs, sublimation ink doesn’t fade easily, so the designs can last a long time. There is a special mix of heat and pressure used by this kind of ink to transfer an image onto the surface of the mug. This makes a permanent link between the ink and the mug that can’t be broken.

That doesn’t mean you can’t take off the sublimation ink, though; you can if you need to. It also makes colors that are very bright and don’t fade or dull over time thanks to the sublimation process.

Different types of mugs printed with sublimation ink can last a long time, based on how they are used and taken care of.

Any type of ink will fade over time if it is exposed to sunlight or other UV radiation sources. Keeping mugs out of direct sunshine should help them last longer.

Putting on a protective layer like a clay glaze or another varnish can also help keep an image from fading due to water damage. However, people should be careful not to scrub or rub these layers off too hard because they could damage the print underneath them.

When washing sublimated mugs, you need to be extra careful because harsh chemicals and scrubbers could remove the print along with dirt and other particles.

If you want the best results, wash by hand with light soaps. Mugs made with sublimation ink can keep their color saturation and vibrancy for a long time if they are taken care of properly.

How Long Does Sublimation Ink Stay on Paper?

How Long Does Sublimation Ink Stay on Paper

Sublimation ink is a great way to make pictures on paper that will last a long time. Because the ink is carefully made to not fade or get damaged by heat, it can last for years without losing its color or vibrancy.

To get the dye-based ink onto the paper, sublimation printing needs a special machine and substrates that are made for it. The picture that comes out is bright and will last forever; it won’t fade. 

One good thing about sublimation ink is that if you use it right, the print will last a very long time.

Sublimation prints can last up to a few years without fading or changing color, but this depends on things like the humidity level, the surroundings, and UV light exposure. This makes it perfect for storing important papers that need to last a long time.

If you want to print on paper, sublimation ink is a great choice because it is both cheap and good quality.

 You can be sure that your printed papers will still look great even after many years of use because they are very long-lasting and won’t fade or change color over time.

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How Long Does 100ml of Sublimation Ink Last?

How Long Does 100ml of Sublimation Ink Last

This is the question that most new sublimation business owners ask. How long 100ml of sublimation ink lasts varies on how often it is printed on, what kind of sublimation printer it is, and how big the prints are.

The Frequency of Usage:

You can get as many sublimation prints from the ink in one day as you want under this setting. You can use the 100ml sublimation ink for 6 to 8 months if you only print for fun or personal projects.

 What if you run a big sublimation printing business, though? The 100ml sublimation might last a few weeks or even days.     

Model of Sublimation Printer:

There are a lot of different sublimation printers on the market, each with a different tip, print head, and other technical features. Let us look at how much ink the Epson Stylus Pro 4900 and the Epson Sure-Color F570 use as an example. 

Because of the Precision-Core Micro-TFP print head, you will see that less sublimation ink is used. This means that 100ml of sublimation ink for the Epson Stylus Pro 4900 will last up to 6 months.

Dimensions of Sublimated Prints:

Sublimation pictures need a certain amount of sublimation ink based on their size. If you only print on small things with sublimation, then 100ml of ink will last for 8 months. 

Large posters printed with sublimation, on the other hand, will use a lot of ink all at once. The ink might only last a few days in this case.

How Long Does Sublimation Ink Last After It Has Been Opened?

How Long Does Sublimation Ink Last After It Has Been Opened

If you are new to sublimation and want to start a project, this is one of the most important things you should ask.

You need to get all of the sublimation tools ready before you start the printing. You don’t have long to wait after putting sublimation ink into the printer. The sublimation ink will go bad if you pour it on and then forget about writing.

From here on out, problems with the sublimation printer began, such as clogging and leaks.

As soon as possible, the skilled sublimation works to finish the full ink. The ink won’t be affected by using a sublimation printer for a few weeks, but if you keep using it after the ink runs out, you may run into the problems below.

  • The sublimation ink starts to break down, and the sublimation dye particles start to stick together. These will get stuck in the printhead and lines, which will damage the sublimation printer.
  • The sublimation ink will dry out if you don’t use the sublimation printer for months or years. You will have to rebuild it.

Remember that the sublimation ink needs to be used right away after it is opened.

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How to Keep Sublimation Prints Safe So That the Ink Lasts Longer?

How to Keep Sublimation Prints Safe So That the Ink Lasts Longer (2)

You don’t have to make any special plans to store the sublimation prints that you will be using soon. You need to set up a cover box to keep the pictures safe. 

They will start to soak up water if you leave them out in the open air, and UV light from the sun will damage the picture. 

We’ve come up with some important rules that will help keep the sublimation prints fresh and ready to use without the ink breaking down.

Maintain the Print Dry:

If you don’t keep the sublimation picture somewhere dry, you might have problems with moisture.

Keep the Print Covered:

On the surface of the sublimation picture, dust may stick. Keep it in a box with a lid, like a folding box, so dust doesn’t get on it. Sublimation pictures don’t like dust, so there shouldn’t be much of it.  

Transfer Paper of high-quality:

New sublimation businesses try to use materials that are as cheap as possible. 

This might not make it last longer and break down quickly. So instead of using sublimation paper that isn’t up to par, you should use sublimation prints that are. Also, don’t expect standard printing paper to be good enough.

Maintain At Room Temperature:

Instead of putting the sublimation prints in basements or sheds, keep them somewhere cool.

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Does Sublimation Ink Go Bad?

Usually, sublimation ink goes bad when it’s in full sunlight. Keeping it in a cool, dry place will keep it fresh for a long time.

Pigment chemicals are used to make the transfer ink. When stored in a high-humidity area, it starts to break down.

The chemical makeup of it also breaks down when it is heated to very high temperatures.

There are preservatives in some sublimation inks that may go bad over time.

Keeping the sublimation ink out of direct sunlight, high humidity, and high temperatures is the best way to get great results from sublimation printing.

Bottom Line:

The answer to how long does sublimation ink last on shirts and mugs, the answer is that it depends on a lot of things, like the type of material, the quality of the ink, and the printing method.

But with the right care and upkeep, both fabric and ceramic things can keep their bright colors and designs for a long time.

Sublimation inks are known for lasting a long time because they are made to not fade from daily use or being out in the weather. It’s important to remember that results may be different for each person based on where the sublimation inks came from and other factors.

In general, if you take good care of your sublimation-printed t-shirts or mugs, they will stay looking great for years to come.

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Sublimation printing is the process of printing a design on a product by transferring ink from a ribbon to the item. The process of printing a design on an object by forcing ink through a mesh screen is known as screen printing.

Screen printing works better for large orders, while sublimation works better for both small and large amounts. For large-scale printing, screen printing is a less expensive solution.

The sublimation inks in a printer have a shelf life. Bad things will happen if you leave them in the printer for too long, like color changes, head clogs, and banding.

 Most people believe that you can print after the “use-by” date without any problems. However, it’s still a good idea to use the cartridges within six months of installing them.

The sublimation inks in a printer have a shelf life. Bad things will happen if you leave them in the printer for too long, like color changes, head clogs, and banding.

 Most people believe that you can print after the “use-by” date without any problems. However, it’s still a good idea to use the cartridges within six months of installing them.

Also, the heat can damage the sublimation ink a lot. Weather changes, it gets hot sometimes, the ink surface dries quickly, and the ink When viscosity goes up, ink can’t come out. So the place where you store the ink is very important. Before you use it, give it a gentle shake.

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